Watching Life and The World With Love, Laughter and Spirituality.

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Watching The Play

The world.


It is all a play of energies.

The inner, the outer playing together.

We ourselves are energies playing.

It´s all a great playing field.

But there has also to be something beyond the play.

A stillness.

Watching the play.


Watcher on the Hill


No waiting.

Just watching.

The world changing.

Everything unfolding in its own time.

No waiting.

Just watching.

The fruits.



Watcher on the Hill

An Inside Story

The other say I wrote about watching people from the hill top. And of course one can do such things, but it is a bit silly. One should instead sitting there watching oneself.

Because all that one see out there is in fact a reflection of what is inside oneself. So ones perception of the world is an inside story.

Ones own story, because we all see the world with different eyes.

And stories are not reality, but we might go beyond the stories if we learn just to watch without words. Just watching, just being aware, here and now.

That is reality.



Watcher on the Hill

Will It Happen This Year?

Not only watching, also listening. What does the ears hear?

The old systems disappearing and new ones occuring.  Fresh flowers replacing greedy weeds

…the old health care system based on the wealth of Big Pharma rather than the health of humans disappearing.

…the old financial system based on enriching the elite and enslaving the people disappearing.

…the old educational system based on mind control and indoctrination disappearing.

Quantum systems taking over.

…Quantum Med Beds in combination with natural health and self-healing for health care.

…Quantum Financial System for a more real and equal economy.

…Quantum Education for limitless learning.

…and much more.

Will it happen this year we call 2021?

And remember, ultimately it is not about the systems, it is about us. The systems are only our tools.


The Watcher on the Hill