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What Is This About If It´s Not Abouth Health?

A video with the German/American lawyer Reiner Fullmich on why the German and other governments have overturned democracy, free speech and other fundamental rights in the wake of a so called pandemic, which has proven to be no more deadly than the regular flu. He also talks about the false Pcr-test, vaccines that are not really vaccines, the non-existent risk of assymptomatic spread of virus and so on.

Whose interests are the governments running, the interest of the people or the interest of the vaccine industry?

Fullmich is leading a group of lawyers taking the people responsible for all the mesaures during the last year to court. And he finishes the video by saying their is a light at the end of the tunnel.

All about mRNA So Called Vaccines

The so called vaccines with mRNA are in fact experimental gene therapies, and humans are being used as guinea pigs, says doctor and wellness expert Steve Hotze in this video.

This so called covid-19 vaccines does not provide any individual who receives the vaccine with immunity to covid-19, nor does it prevent the spread of the disease.


Nobody has any idea about the long-term adverse effects of this experimental gene therapy.