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Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – “We´re About To Reach The Tipping Point”

A fresh interview with the German/American lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who is leading the investigation for getting the truth regarding the corona virus out.

As get clear in the interview this is not just about the virus, but about control and about the financial system and more. But we are reaching a tipping point, he says.

And there is a better world at the end of the tunnel.

Voices of The World – Letting The Spirit Talk

Videos shared on this blog

…or other messages

…from other sources.

They are just that


…voices of the world.

Messages that resonates with the spirit of this blog.

It is a way of letting the spirit express through these voices, through these words.

The spirit of truth, of love, of joy.


Watcher on the Hill

The Silent Truth Beyond All The Words In The World

There are so many words in this world.

Saying so many things, but are they actually saying anything?

We all interpret them in our own ways, sometimes this way, sometimes that way.

Where do they all come from?

From some unknown source.

But they all end up in the same place, in our heads, as thoughts.

Do they bear any truth?

Maybe, maybe not.

But they don´t bear the real truth.

Because the real truth is beyond words.

In the silent world of our hearts.


Watcher on the Hill

Goodbye and Thank You

Too much is too much.

The old man in a chair has had enough of lies and abuses, and says he will not make any more videos. It is understandable, it takes a lot to stand up for truth and being attacked for it.

We can´t expect either him or someone else to do that for us. If we want the truth we have to find it ourselves, stand up for it ourselves and live it ourselves.

There is no other way.

Thank you old man!