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Watching The Play

The world.


It is all a play of energies.

The inner, the outer playing together.

We ourselves are energies playing.

It´s all a great playing field.

But there has also to be something beyond the play.

A stillness.

Watching the play.


Watcher on the Hill

Stillness In The Bubbling World (and blind masses)


The World.

Wrote a few days ago;

The world is bubbling

…like a volcano.

…on the brink of eruption.

But it is not a destructive force

…it is a constructive force.

It is still bubbling

…houses on fire

…earth shaking

…a lot going on

…but the masses unaware.

Their mouths and noses covered by masks, and their eyes covered with invisible blindfolds.

No distant vision, no split vision, no inner vision, only living in their own small worlds of thought.

The eruption will be an alarm bell.

Loud and clear.

Looking inside.

There is still stillness.


Watcher on the Hill