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Sovereign Beings

When professor Dolores Cahill talk about inalienable rights (in the video below), what does it mean?

It means that each and everyone of us is born as a sovereign being.

We don´t belong to a nation, we don´t belong to a religion, we don´t even belong to our parents. We belong only to ourselves. All else are just there to support us.

As sovereign human beings we have fundamental rights that stand higher than any national laws. These are rights given to us by life or God or whatever you want to call it. Rights that no one can take away from us.

Because we are sovereign beings, and even more than that;

We are free souls, free spirits.

That is the reality

…a reality that is hidden from us

…by those who want us to be part of their system.

It is time to change this.

It is time to find out who we truly are.


Watcher on the Hill

An Inside Story

The other say I wrote about watching people from the hill top. And of course one can do such things, but it is a bit silly. One should instead sitting there watching oneself.

Because all that one see out there is in fact a reflection of what is inside oneself. So ones perception of the world is an inside story.

Ones own story, because we all see the world with different eyes.

And stories are not reality, but we might go beyond the stories if we learn just to watch without words. Just watching, just being aware, here and now.

That is reality.



Watcher on the Hill