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Are We In This Together? Or Are Some More In It than Others?

An interesting point about the slogan that we are all in this together, which has been broadly used during the coronavirus crisis. It seems like some people in the public sector are doing far better than small business owners and many others.

This is from Australia, but each one can look from their own perspective and country.

The public sector and bureacracy is heavy in many countries.

Ask The Experts

Ask the Experts

…the problem is so few do that.

…but thankfully the experts still give their answers and make them available to all and everyone who want to know.

We will not be silenced is the second of two films where experts from the medical and health field talk about Covid-19 and risks with the vaccines now being distributed all over the world.

They provide an important perspective from the other side than the main stream.

As always; make your own judgement.

This film was released yesterday, February 20:th in the year 2021.

The film was made after bbc hade made a documentary falsifing the first film from the experts (link to the first film below).

Both films can also be watched at Oracle Films, the producer of them.

The first film below.