Watching Life and The World With Love, Laughter and Spirituality.

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Voices of The World – Letting The Spirit Talk

Videos shared on this blog

…or other messages

…from other sources.

They are just that


…voices of the world.

Messages that resonates with the spirit of this blog.

It is a way of letting the spirit express through these voices, through these words.

The spirit of truth, of love, of joy.


Watcher on the Hill

Three Laughing Monks story – zen motivation

What the world is always in need of is more joy and laughter. Especially in times of tensions and worries a laughter may unburden the knots and make you more relaxed.

Seriousness is one of the biggest causes of disease and problems in our human existence, and seriousness is even itself a disease.

Life is meant to be joyful, which doesn´t mean free of challenges, but the ability to meet the challenges with a relaxed attitude.

Watching life and the world with love, laughter and spirituality is the byline for this blog.

That is exactly what this video is about.

Rising Up

There is a rising up taking place on the earth

…a rising up of people.

A rising up from the heart

The slavery through debt, through mind control et cetera

The oppressive governing

The medical dictatorship

The trafficking of humans

and so on

is all falling.

Tens of thousands of people all over the world, from small groups to big crowds, joining together for





More and more humans becoming conscious in the all-pervading consciousness.


Watcher on the Hill

So Much Bigger (Transforming The World)

What´s going on in the world right now

…it´s so much bigger than an influenza virus.

Watching from the hill top;

The world is bubbling

…like a volcano.

…on the brink of eruption.

But it is not a destructive force

…it is a constructive force.

Transforming the world

…into light and love.


Watcher on the Hill

Just Having Fun

Just having fun.

Running this blog.

Not all on here is fun, some things are quite tragic, the world can be a messy, mad place.

But there is something bigger behind it all. A greater power.

And there is also a lot of insight, wisdom and consciousness. And Love.

That is what this blog is about. Bringing this out in different ways.

That is fun.

And there is also a beautiful nature, a lifegiving sun, a boundless space, and life eternal.

So much fun.

And so much light above all the darkness.

All inside the greater power.


Watcher on the Hill