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Evolving Consciousness

Just to continue on consciousness from the previous post.

It is time we start to explore and realize the power of the consciousness. It is not something strange out there somewhere, it is the very power in ourselves.

You Just Have to Show Up

A beuatiful sunny day.

The birds are twittering.

Real twittering in real life, not the twittering that happens in the cyber world.

You just have to show up, and then Life shows you the rest.

Some days it shows you the sun, other days it shows you clouds or rain.

But it´s not just about the weather, it´s about all.

Life goes on showing you itself moment by moment, if you are just awake.

And you are life, so when life show you itself it means it show you yourself.

Every moment is an opportunity to become acquinted with who you truly are.

And everything that it brings your way carry a message to you.

Some messages are true, some are false and the better you know yourself the better you can discern between what is true and what is false. This is how life teaches you.

So don´t get lost in memories and fantasies, but be awake to what life gives in this moment.

Because it gives exactly what you need right now.

If you just show up for it.


Watcher on the Hill

Watching The Play

The world.


It is all a play of energies.

The inner, the outer playing together.

We ourselves are energies playing.

It´s all a great playing field.

But there has also to be something beyond the play.

A stillness.

Watching the play.


Watcher on the Hill

Impossible Without Your Consent

A reminder of the importance of the present moment from Dr. James Rouse.

Do you waste time worrying and wondering about what might or could happen, but likely never will? I want to talk about negativity bias and future casting. Life is right in front of you now – go live it.

Total Trust

In this time of turbulence in the world.

What can one do?

There seems to be so much to be done.

That outlook may be overwhelming.

Don´t worry about the world.

Don´t worry.

There is a higher power taking care of the world

…the same power that is taking care of life

…the same power that is taking care of you.

Just put your total trust in this power.

It is in you.

The biggest thing is not what you do.

The biggest thing is who you are.

When you put your total trust in the power it shows you what to do

…even if you don´t always understand why it wants you to do or not do certain things.


Watcher on the Hill

Three Laughing Monks story – zen motivation

What the world is always in need of is more joy and laughter. Especially in times of tensions and worries a laughter may unburden the knots and make you more relaxed.

Seriousness is one of the biggest causes of disease and problems in our human existence, and seriousness is even itself a disease.

Life is meant to be joyful, which doesn´t mean free of challenges, but the ability to meet the challenges with a relaxed attitude.

Watching life and the world with love, laughter and spirituality is the byline for this blog.

That is exactly what this video is about.

Look, Listen and Learn

Look with your eyes, listen with your ears, keep your mouth quiet

…and learn about the world.

Look and listen with your heart, keep your mind quiet

…and learn about yourself and life.


Watcher on the Hill

Sovereign Beings

When professor Dolores Cahill talk about inalienable rights (in the video below), what does it mean?

It means that each and everyone of us is born as a sovereign being.

We don´t belong to a nation, we don´t belong to a religion, we don´t even belong to our parents. We belong only to ourselves. All else are just there to support us.

As sovereign human beings we have fundamental rights that stand higher than any national laws. These are rights given to us by life or God or whatever you want to call it. Rights that no one can take away from us.

Because we are sovereign beings, and even more than that;

We are free souls, free spirits.

That is the reality

…a reality that is hidden from us

…by those who want us to be part of their system.

It is time to change this.

It is time to find out who we truly are.


Watcher on the Hill

No Hope, No Promises, Only This

There is a lot of talk about hope these days, it is sometimes even seen as a drug, hopium.

But hope is a false star, it is making ones bed with disappointment. Life doesn´t give any promises.

Hope is also a way of straying away from life. Because life is here and now, it has never been and will never be anywhere else to be found but in this moment.

We might cover our lives with hope, but we will never get any guarantees.

The only thing we will ever get is this that is. This moment.

No hope, no promises.

Only this.

A firm trust in the greater power in this moment is the leading star for our lives.


Watcher on the Hill

Excited and Still

A great transformation is taking place. Not only in the world, but also in life.

This can make you excited

…but the heart can still be in stillness.

A still heart is the greatest power one can possess in times of turbulence and transformation.


Watcher on the Hill