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Goodbye and Thank You

Too much is too much.

The old man in a chair has had enough of lies and abuses, and says he will not make any more videos. It is understandable, it takes a lot to stand up for truth and being attacked for it.

We can´t expect either him or someone else to do that for us. If we want the truth we have to find it ourselves, stand up for it ourselves and live it ourselves.

There is no other way.

Thank you old man!

‘Healthy People Aren’t Dangerous’ but the Vaccine IS

From the Rair Foundations website:

Prominent German virologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi is once again calling out the lies about the pandemic, highlighting several in a virtual address he gave to a massive anti-lockdown demonstration in Austria on January 31st. His main three messages are that healthy people do not spread the coronavirus, vaccines are “extremely dangerous” and even deadly, and there is no “savior” coming to stop arbitrary and unscientific lockdowns.

“Stand up against this insanity and end it,” he said.

Pandemics, Corruption In Health And The Role of WHO

People don´t need to be afraid that they are endangered by a virus, but they need to be afraid that they might be controlled by an authoritarian system.


If we plan our lives based on lies we cannot be successful, we cannot live happily together, so we have to find the truth.

Very interesting and important interview with German doctor Wolfgand Wodarg, former member of the German Bundestag and Council of Europe. (46:56)