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Nature vs Man

We humans like to think we are really great creatures, and of course, in many ways we are. But still we are only a small part of the nature.

We might try to conquer nature, but that will sooner or later always end in disaster. Nature is always trying to keep balance, and if we by our actions create imbalance we will get crushed by nature.

And this only by the earthly nature. If we see nature as the whole universe we are smaller than a grain of sand in a desert.

The only way we humans can conquer nature is by cooperating with it. Because when we do it will take care of us. Nature provides us with the necessities of life as long as we work with it. That goes for both the earthly nature as well as the universal nature.


Watcher on the Hill

All about mRNA So Called Vaccines

The so called vaccines with mRNA are in fact experimental gene therapies, and humans are being used as guinea pigs, says doctor and wellness expert Steve Hotze in this video.

This so called covid-19 vaccines does not provide any individual who receives the vaccine with immunity to covid-19, nor does it prevent the spread of the disease.


Nobody has any idea about the long-term adverse effects of this experimental gene therapy.