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Humanity on Their Feet | Oracle Films | London 24.04.2021

Freedom, freedom, freedom…

The message was clear and loud and heard wide around the world when thousands of people took to their feet on the streets of London on saturday. It was a call for freedom in a world of lockdowns, medical tyranny, social control and so on.

We have to stand up for our freedom, it doesn´t come for free. Sharing this film from Oracle Films is one small stand up.

The human heart is still beating, more and more in harmony.

Natural Law And Universal Remedy

Sacha Stone with judge Anna von Reitz, doctor David Martin and Reinette Senum, discussing natural law, sovereignity of humanity and the power of people. The video is a few months old and with an American focus, but the topics are always actual and we are all free souls, no matter where we live.