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No Hope, No Promises, Only This

There is a lot of talk about hope these days, it is sometimes even seen as a drug, hopium.

But hope is a false star, it is making ones bed with disappointment. Life doesn´t give any promises.

Hope is also a way of straying away from life. Because life is here and now, it has never been and will never be anywhere else to be found but in this moment.

We might cover our lives with hope, but we will never get any guarantees.

The only thing we will ever get is this that is. This moment.

No hope, no promises.

Only this.

A firm trust in the greater power in this moment is the leading star for our lives.


Watcher on the Hill

Just Having Fun

Just having fun.

Running this blog.

Not all on here is fun, some things are quite tragic, the world can be a messy, mad place.

But there is something bigger behind it all. A greater power.

And there is also a lot of insight, wisdom and consciousness. And Love.

That is what this blog is about. Bringing this out in different ways.

That is fun.

And there is also a beautiful nature, a lifegiving sun, a boundless space, and life eternal.

So much fun.

And so much light above all the darkness.

All inside the greater power.


Watcher on the Hill