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Dr Andreas Kalcker & Laura Aboli Chat To Charlie Ward Sodium Chloride NACL02 & Hydrochloric Acid

German doctor Andreas Kalcker and Laura Aboli on the Charlie Ward show discussing Chlorine dioxide, CDS, and the importance of oxygenating the blood. Especially regarding the coronavirus. Also discussing other health related issues, and Kalcker sharing some of his experiences from South America and Latin America.

Here is a link to Andreas Kalckers website for those who want to explore more.

‘Healthy People Aren’t Dangerous’ but the Vaccine IS

From the Rair Foundations website:

Prominent German virologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi is once again calling out the lies about the pandemic, highlighting several in a virtual address he gave to a massive anti-lockdown demonstration in Austria on January 31st. His main three messages are that healthy people do not spread the coronavirus, vaccines are “extremely dangerous” and even deadly, and there is no “savior” coming to stop arbitrary and unscientific lockdowns.

“Stand up against this insanity and end it,” he said.