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The Biggest Joke of All – Alan Watts on The Ego

The ego, the you, the me, the I, that really doesn´t exist.

This is the real secret why we feel we never really get what we want in life; because we try to get it. It is the trying that stops us from getting it.

Because the one who is trying doesn´t exist; the one who gets that gets everything.

Yes I know, it is hard to grasp, it doesn´t make sense. But that is because we try to grasp it. Do you see?

Do you see the big joke?


Watcher on the Hill

Simply Live Now

Let´s continue with another video on living in the present moment (see below for the previous one), which according to Alan Watts here wouldn´t be a continuation. And of course it is not. This is a completely different video, but in the same time. The eternal now.

Simply live now and there will be no problems.