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The Biggest Joke of All – Alan Watts on The Ego

The ego, the you, the me, the I, that really doesn´t exist.

This is the real secret why we feel we never really get what we want in life; because we try to get it. It is the trying that stops us from getting it.

Because the one who is trying doesn´t exist; the one who gets that gets everything.

Yes I know, it is hard to grasp, it doesn´t make sense. But that is because we try to grasp it. Do you see?

Do you see the big joke?


Watcher on the Hill

Simply Live Now

Let´s continue with another video on living in the present moment (see below for the previous one), which according to Alan Watts here wouldn´t be a continuation. And of course it is not. This is a completely different video, but in the same time. The eternal now.

Simply live now and there will be no problems.

The Truth About Awakening – Mooji

There is something deeper than personality or behind the mind itself, which is not our thinking being. The mind is like our thinking aspect, our thinking being. One who is aware is totally at one with this awareness, which is independent of the thinking mind. It´s a state of pure being. It is not a state of doing. That state of complete awareness.

Three Laughing Monks story – zen motivation

What the world is always in need of is more joy and laughter. Especially in times of tensions and worries a laughter may unburden the knots and make you more relaxed.

Seriousness is one of the biggest causes of disease and problems in our human existence, and seriousness is even itself a disease.

Life is meant to be joyful, which doesn´t mean free of challenges, but the ability to meet the challenges with a relaxed attitude.

Watching life and the world with love, laughter and spirituality is the byline for this blog.

That is exactly what this video is about.