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The Biggest Joke of All – Alan Watts on The Ego

The ego, the you, the me, the I, that really doesn´t exist.

This is the real secret why we feel we never really get what we want in life; because we try to get it. It is the trying that stops us from getting it.

Because the one who is trying doesn´t exist; the one who gets that gets everything.

Yes I know, it is hard to grasp, it doesn´t make sense. But that is because we try to grasp it. Do you see?

Do you see the big joke?


Watcher on the Hill

Nature vs Man

We humans like to think we are really great creatures, and of course, in many ways we are. But still we are only a small part of the nature.

We might try to conquer nature, but that will sooner or later always end in disaster. Nature is always trying to keep balance, and if we by our actions create imbalance we will get crushed by nature.

And this only by the earthly nature. If we see nature as the whole universe we are smaller than a grain of sand in a desert.

The only way we humans can conquer nature is by cooperating with it. Because when we do it will take care of us. Nature provides us with the necessities of life as long as we work with it. That goes for both the earthly nature as well as the universal nature.


Watcher on the Hill

It´s Not About The World, It´s About You

The world and all it´s phenomena and happenings come to us from different directions and different angles.

But what is the common denominator in all that the world brings to you?

Isn´t that you?

You are the common denominator in all that you experience and in all that you perceive.

Only you see the world as you see it, everyone else see it from their own point of view.

It´s not about the world, it´s about you.

So if you want to understand the world, you first of all have to understand yourself.


Watcher on the Hill

You Just Have to Show Up

A beuatiful sunny day.

The birds are twittering.

Real twittering in real life, not the twittering that happens in the cyber world.

You just have to show up, and then Life shows you the rest.

Some days it shows you the sun, other days it shows you clouds or rain.

But it´s not just about the weather, it´s about all.

Life goes on showing you itself moment by moment, if you are just awake.

And you are life, so when life show you itself it means it show you yourself.

Every moment is an opportunity to become acquinted with who you truly are.

And everything that it brings your way carry a message to you.

Some messages are true, some are false and the better you know yourself the better you can discern between what is true and what is false. This is how life teaches you.

So don´t get lost in memories and fantasies, but be awake to what life gives in this moment.

Because it gives exactly what you need right now.

If you just show up for it.


Watcher on the Hill

Voices of The World – Letting The Spirit Talk

Videos shared on this blog

…or other messages

…from other sources.

They are just that


…voices of the world.

Messages that resonates with the spirit of this blog.

It is a way of letting the spirit express through these voices, through these words.

The spirit of truth, of love, of joy.


Watcher on the Hill

Wild Flower

A wild flower.

I am a wild flower.

Not a plant cultivated in someones garden.

But a wild flower in the garden of God, in the garden of Eden.




One day the bud will open.

And blossom.

I am a wild flower.


Watcher on the Hill

Watching The Play

The world.


It is all a play of energies.

The inner, the outer playing together.

We ourselves are energies playing.

It´s all a great playing field.

But there has also to be something beyond the play.

A stillness.

Watching the play.


Watcher on the Hill


No waiting.

Just watching.

The world changing.

Everything unfolding in its own time.

No waiting.

Just watching.

The fruits.



Watcher on the Hill

Total Trust

In this time of turbulence in the world.

What can one do?

There seems to be so much to be done.

That outlook may be overwhelming.

Don´t worry about the world.

Don´t worry.

There is a higher power taking care of the world

…the same power that is taking care of life

…the same power that is taking care of you.

Just put your total trust in this power.

It is in you.

The biggest thing is not what you do.

The biggest thing is who you are.

When you put your total trust in the power it shows you what to do

…even if you don´t always understand why it wants you to do or not do certain things.


Watcher on the Hill

The Silent Truth Beyond All The Words In The World

There are so many words in this world.

Saying so many things, but are they actually saying anything?

We all interpret them in our own ways, sometimes this way, sometimes that way.

Where do they all come from?

From some unknown source.

But they all end up in the same place, in our heads, as thoughts.

Do they bear any truth?

Maybe, maybe not.

But they don´t bear the real truth.

Because the real truth is beyond words.

In the silent world of our hearts.


Watcher on the Hill

Happenings In A Peaceful World

Here on the hill top things are peaceful and still

…as they are in the world at large.

But there are things happening here and there

…troops on the go, in several places

…military planes in the air


…houses on fire

…people lining up to be injected with a “poison”

…and so on.

Something bigger is in the air.

The world is about to change.

In the complete unawareness of most people.

Of course, the world is always changing

…but this is something different

…a bigger change.

What it means?

I´m not sure

…but I´m calm and confident.

We´ll see what happens.


Watcher on the Hill

Watch or Wrestle, Gods Warriors in Worldly Wars

Watching from the hill;

There is so much going on in the world.

Wars all over the place (well, not all over the place, but impacting most people);

…political oppression vs individual freedom

…medical dictatorship vs freedom of choice

…debt slavery vs financial freedom

…human trafficking vs freedom of being

…darkness vs light

…evil vs good

…and so on.

These are not separate events, they are all intertwined, even though they seem to be separate.

We can watch all of these wars going on, or we can jump into any one of them and begin to wrestle.

God needs all kinds of warriors to handle these worldly wars, some has the task of watching, some has the task of wrestling, some has the task of both

…but even if we go into wrestling it is good to watch first, and not blindly jump into the fight.

Besides, all of these worldly wars come from an inner war going on inside human beings.

Watching does not mean passivity, it means an active consciousness, the way to handle the inner wars going on inside (almost) everyone of us.

When we get peace inside first, it so much easier to handle the worldly wars after.

In a time of war we need both the watchers and the wrestlers, both are warriors in their own ways.

We need both the spiritual, and the physical.

What we don´t need are whiners.


Watcher on the Hill

Look, Listen and Learn

Look with your eyes, listen with your ears, keep your mouth quiet

…and learn about the world.

Look and listen with your heart, keep your mind quiet

…and learn about yourself and life.


Watcher on the Hill

Rising Up

There is a rising up taking place on the earth

…a rising up of people.

A rising up from the heart

The slavery through debt, through mind control et cetera

The oppressive governing

The medical dictatorship

The trafficking of humans

and so on

is all falling.

Tens of thousands of people all over the world, from small groups to big crowds, joining together for





More and more humans becoming conscious in the all-pervading consciousness.


Watcher on the Hill

Sovereign Beings

When professor Dolores Cahill talk about inalienable rights (in the video below), what does it mean?

It means that each and everyone of us is born as a sovereign being.

We don´t belong to a nation, we don´t belong to a religion, we don´t even belong to our parents. We belong only to ourselves. All else are just there to support us.

As sovereign human beings we have fundamental rights that stand higher than any national laws. These are rights given to us by life or God or whatever you want to call it. Rights that no one can take away from us.

Because we are sovereign beings, and even more than that;

We are free souls, free spirits.

That is the reality

…a reality that is hidden from us

…by those who want us to be part of their system.

It is time to change this.

It is time to find out who we truly are.


Watcher on the Hill

Stillness In The Bubbling World (and blind masses)


The World.

Wrote a few days ago;

The world is bubbling

…like a volcano.

…on the brink of eruption.

But it is not a destructive force

…it is a constructive force.

It is still bubbling

…houses on fire

…earth shaking

…a lot going on

…but the masses unaware.

Their mouths and noses covered by masks, and their eyes covered with invisible blindfolds.

No distant vision, no split vision, no inner vision, only living in their own small worlds of thought.

The eruption will be an alarm bell.

Loud and clear.

Looking inside.

There is still stillness.


Watcher on the Hill

So Much Bigger (Transforming The World)

What´s going on in the world right now

…it´s so much bigger than an influenza virus.

Watching from the hill top;

The world is bubbling

…like a volcano.

…on the brink of eruption.

But it is not a destructive force

…it is a constructive force.

Transforming the world

…into light and love.


Watcher on the Hill

No Hope, No Promises, Only This

There is a lot of talk about hope these days, it is sometimes even seen as a drug, hopium.

But hope is a false star, it is making ones bed with disappointment. Life doesn´t give any promises.

Hope is also a way of straying away from life. Because life is here and now, it has never been and will never be anywhere else to be found but in this moment.

We might cover our lives with hope, but we will never get any guarantees.

The only thing we will ever get is this that is. This moment.

No hope, no promises.

Only this.

A firm trust in the greater power in this moment is the leading star for our lives.


Watcher on the Hill

An Inside Story

The other say I wrote about watching people from the hill top. And of course one can do such things, but it is a bit silly. One should instead sitting there watching oneself.

Because all that one see out there is in fact a reflection of what is inside oneself. So ones perception of the world is an inside story.

Ones own story, because we all see the world with different eyes.

And stories are not reality, but we might go beyond the stories if we learn just to watch without words. Just watching, just being aware, here and now.

That is reality.



Watcher on the Hill

Blind Belief (Strange People In A Strange Species)

One can see some pretty strange people when watching from the top of the hill. Well, of course, one can also claim that we are all strange in our own ways, just some are stranger than others. Sitting on a hill top watching people might indeed be considered a strange thing to do.

But this group of strange people…

They wake in the morning, take their supplements. Vitamin C, vitamin D, Zinc and whatever. Maybe celery juice too.

Then they are off to the grocery store, dressed in covid outfit, gloves and mask at a minimum. They carefully check the content in what they buy, because they want clean and good food without additives.

Even otherwise they search for information on health, do their share of exercise, and think themselves health conscious.

After the shopping they decide to go to the local hospital to get their vaccine, because they have heard that is the trendy thing to do these days, and everyone encourage them to do it. So we can go back to the normal,

And there they go, sit down and get their shot

…without asking one single question.

All the health consciousness gone in a flash.

Just blind belief remaining.


Watcher on the Hill

Gods Greatest Medicine



The greatest medicine God has given humanity.

The world might be mad in many ways, but what is the best cure to madness?

A good laugh.

Give yourself a few spontaneous laughs every day. Belly laughs.

For no reason at all.

Just because you can.

That is the greatest medicine God has given all of us.

It unblock tensions, both inwardly and outwardly.

It lightens the dark.

It makes everything brighter.

It simply make you feel good.


Watcher on the Hill

Excited and Still

A great transformation is taking place. Not only in the world, but also in life.

This can make you excited

…but the heart can still be in stillness.

A still heart is the greatest power one can possess in times of turbulence and transformation.


Watcher on the Hill

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