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On Our Sovereignity as Men and Women and The Inalienable Rights – Prof. Dolores Cahill Speech on May 1:st

A very important message from professor Dolores Cahill, one of the founders and president of World Freedom Alliance, in her speech in Cork, Ireland on may 1:st.

This is a message for all of us.

That is, we are born as sovereign men and women with inalienable rights. Rights that no one can take away from us, such as freedom of speech, freedom of assemby and freedom of travel and not least bodily integrity.

First Do No Harm

First do no harm, the Hippocartic oath that every doctor is supposed to follow.

But isn´t this an oath we all should take, an oath we all should live by? First do no harm, starting with ourselves. Because it is from there all the harm against others begin.

Hear Guy Finleys short take on what first do no harm really mean.

Evolving Consciousness

Just to continue on consciousness from the previous post.

It is time we start to explore and realize the power of the consciousness. It is not something strange out there somewhere, it is the very power in ourselves.