One can see some pretty strange people when watching from the top of the hill. Well, of course, one can also claim that we are all strange in our own ways, just some are stranger than others. Sitting on a hill top watching people might indeed be considered a strange thing to do.

But this group of strange people…

They wake in the morning, take their supplements. Vitamin C, vitamin D, Zinc and whatever. Maybe celery juice too.

Then they are off to the grocery store, dressed in covid outfit, gloves and mask at a minimum. They carefully check the content in what they buy, because they want clean and good food without additives.

Even otherwise they search for information on health, do their share of exercise, and think themselves health conscious.

After the shopping they decide to go to the local hospital to get their vaccine, because they have heard that is the trendy thing to do these days, and everyone encourage them to do it. So we can go back to the normal,

And there they go, sit down and get their shot

…without asking one single question.

All the health consciousness gone in a flash.

Just blind belief remaining.


Watcher on the Hill