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Sissel – Going Home

Going home, going home
I’m jus’ going home
Quiet like, some still day
I’m jus’ going home

It’s not far, yes close by
Through an open door
Work all done, care laid by
Going to fear no more

Watching The Play

The world.


It is all a play of energies.

The inner, the outer playing together.

We ourselves are energies playing.

It´s all a great playing field.

But there has also to be something beyond the play.

A stillness.

Watching the play.


Watcher on the Hill


No waiting.

Just watching.

The world changing.

Everything unfolding in its own time.

No waiting.

Just watching.

The fruits.



Watcher on the Hill

Ex-Policeman Speaks About Your Rights

An ex-policeman giving an insight into our rights and freedoms as human beings, and how these have unlawfully been taken overrun by both governments and polices during the last year.

This is from a british perspective, but applicable to anyone since the inalienable and human rights concern everyone of us. No matter where we live. (31:15)

You don´t need anyones permission. God gave it to you the day you were born.

Simply Live Now

Let´s continue with another video on living in the present moment (see below for the previous one), which according to Alan Watts here wouldn´t be a continuation. And of course it is not. This is a completely different video, but in the same time. The eternal now.

Simply live now and there will be no problems.

Impossible Without Your Consent

A reminder of the importance of the present moment from Dr. James Rouse.

Do you waste time worrying and wondering about what might or could happen, but likely never will? I want to talk about negativity bias and future casting. Life is right in front of you now – go live it.

Total Trust

In this time of turbulence in the world.

What can one do?

There seems to be so much to be done.

That outlook may be overwhelming.

Don´t worry about the world.

Don´t worry.

There is a higher power taking care of the world

…the same power that is taking care of life

…the same power that is taking care of you.

Just put your total trust in this power.

It is in you.

The biggest thing is not what you do.

The biggest thing is who you are.

When you put your total trust in the power it shows you what to do

…even if you don´t always understand why it wants you to do or not do certain things.


Watcher on the Hill

The Truth About Awakening – Mooji

There is something deeper than personality or behind the mind itself, which is not our thinking being. The mind is like our thinking aspect, our thinking being. One who is aware is totally at one with this awareness, which is independent of the thinking mind. It´s a state of pure being. It is not a state of doing. That state of complete awareness.

The Silent Truth Beyond All The Words In The World

There are so many words in this world.

Saying so many things, but are they actually saying anything?

We all interpret them in our own ways, sometimes this way, sometimes that way.

Where do they all come from?

From some unknown source.

But they all end up in the same place, in our heads, as thoughts.

Do they bear any truth?

Maybe, maybe not.

But they don´t bear the real truth.

Because the real truth is beyond words.

In the silent world of our hearts.


Watcher on the Hill

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